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Public relations on municipal law enforcement in public services

The overall goal of DEMOS is to support Kosovo in its transition towards a democratic, decentralized state in which municipalities exercise socially inclusive governance and provide effective services responding to citizens’ priorities and needs.

Pi Communications has been engaged in implementing a contract for HELVETAS/DEMOS in a pilot project in three municipalities of Kosovo: Gjakova, Lipajn and Shtime.

We implemented the following main project activities:

  • Production of TV ads for each municipality and their broadcasting in national TV stations.
  • Production, printing and setting up information panels in most frequented/vulnerable areas in these municipalities.
  • Art Installation with the students of each municipality for increasing public awareness amongst youth as a target group.
  • Cleaning day with the selected students of the school.
  • Training of municipal officials on better use of social media.
  • Design and printing of information stickers for 9 municipalities.
  • Production and setting up of bins with tailored messages around each bin.
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