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EU Office in Kosovo / EU Special Representative EUROPE DAY ACTIVITIES

Pi Communications was in charge of the performance of all communication services, information and promotion activities for the EU Office in Kosovo and EU Special Representative including:

  • Preparation and distribution of working materials and awareness materials related to Kosovo’s European integration process.
  • Preparation of moderation of relevant activities/events.
  • Preparation of media coverage of each activity/event.
  • Logistical preparations

Project activities also included:

  • Renting a basketball hall and two referees and one technician ⁄ Beverages for Peja Cross and Prishtina Marathon.
  • Design and Printing of the Europe Day Programme and its translation (Alb, Ser, Eng).
  • Design, printing and dissemination of B2 Posters.
  • Branding of 300 paper EU Flags with crane including fixing and removing  afterwards from squares.
  • Design, printing and setting up 8 standing banners, including vinyl.
  • Design, printing and placement of one Euro Quiz Floor Sticker ⁄ Production of the EU map Puzzle Game Materials, forex. 
  • Production of certificate/plaque.
  • Renting of sound equipment.
  • Organisation of a Dinner with Europe activity.
  • Organisation of a dinner after the basketball match.
  • Organisation of an event for the European of the Year award.
  • Organisation of an event for the Vaclav Havel Photo Exhibition.
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